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Scanning QR codes on Android, using Live Caption on Chromebooks, and more

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Scanning QR codes on Android, using Live Caption on Chromebooks, and more
By Paolo Amoroso • Issue #22 • View online
Traditional office productivity suites structure information by type. They have editors for documents, spreadsheets, slides, and a few more types. Folders hold and organize files.
Google Docs is a suite in the cloud with collaboration, which stores files and folders in Google Drive.
Notion, linked below, is an innovative approach. It’s a toolbox with a wide variety of building blocks for structuring content, and ways of combining and organizing information alternate to files and folders. This gives nearly infinite flexibility, especially for less structured or eterogeneous content like notes, lists, links, and media.
Notion can shape information into personal systems or team tools. It may replace Google Docs and traditional suites, along with other specialized products such as Trello or Evernote. Or Notion may be a layer on top of other products.
The possibilities are endless.
— Paolo

How to scan QR codes on Android
Chrome and Chrome OS
How to use Live Caption on Google Chrome
How to open a bookmarks folder on your Chromebook
Gmail, Google Sheets
How to use multiple email signatures in Gmail
How to manage custom number formats in Google Sheets
Android apps
Split Apps
Web apps
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